Welcome to Threadgill's Memorial

The Vision of Our Company

We are a funeral service provider unlike
any you’ve ever heard of.

It is our work to step into the most tender moments faced by a family.

We show up when our clients feel the deepest loss and the most profound grief. In our 15 years of supporting families in these most difficult times, we’ve learned a few things: We’ve learned that how we serve matters. That the family heals when the family participates. That warmth, personal touch, and kindness create moments of deep catharsis.

We are the alternative to the sterile, packaged services that are so common today. Whether it be transporting your loved one in a special quilt, coming to your home to make arrangements, encouraging you to collect mementos to be placed with your loved one, or dressing them in their departure outfit before we transport.

The Principles of Our Work

Devotion to Service

We are devoted to excellence through extraordinary service and our knowledge and experience help navigate even the most challenging situations.

Innovative and Creative

Whether it’s a Green Burial or a Home Funeral, an Aqua or traditional flame cremation, graveside or memorial service, we create memorable and personal experiences – your way for your loved one.

Peace and Calmness

We simplify the process and procedures, eliminate the chaos, and restore peace and calm.


We are committed to always doing the right thing. Your trust and our integrity are important to us.

Our Services

We assist families every step of the way and help them take into consideration the needs of their family members. We look at ourselves more as ushers than funeral directors. There is no fault or blame, right or wrong, when decisions made by a family meet their long-term needs.