Meet Ron and Deborah Threadgill

Ron and Deborah Threadgill

Deborah & Ron Threadgill

As owners with more than 15 years of experience in the funeral industry, Ron and Deborah are committed to helping families make the best decisions in a difficult time while conserving family resources. They serve families by helping them to determine what their needs are. They, therefore, offer unique services to create everlasting memories and help families bridge their grief.

They have facilitated a burial at sea of casketed remains, several out of town services including a service at Arlington National Cemetery. More recently they facilitated the funeral service and committal service at Willamette National Cemetery of a young Beaverton soldier killed in Afghanistan.

In addition to his funeral director’s license, Ron has been an insurance agent and an insurance consultant for over 20 years. He offers honest advice on pre-arrangements and pre-paying funeral plans. Ron’s background in estate planning complements his vast experience as a funeral director.  He has worked as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant and is very familiar with facilities and working with the staff. He has a B.A. in business and communications from Concordia University in Portland.

Before becoming a funeral director, Deborah worked in the hospice, home health and home care field as a billing specialist. With a B.A in sociology and psychology from Rider University in New Jersey, she has a varied career as a probation officer; a counselor in a group home; retail store manager of Dilettante Chocolates in Seattle, WA and a teacher in a private school.

With their extensive experience working with people, and as the business owners and decision makers, Deborah and Ron Threadgill can solve problems and create memories beyond the scope of the typical funeral home.

Their daughter, Kiera, serves as a Funeral Practitioner Apprentice in their business. Married for over 25 years, Ron & Deborah  feel that the next best thing to doing what you love, is doing it with your family.

Threadgill Memorial Services takes great effort to honor and support a family who has lost a loved one! It is important to understand “family culture” and family dynamics while making choices and considering options.When making decisions, it is important to note that there is not an economic requirement for services to meet each family member’s needs. What is required is communication, consideration and respect.We honor and usher the individuals and families through this difficult process and assist them in bridging their future needs and current feelings with the present.We make funeral arrangements in the homes of the families we serve or a place of their choosing allowing them to be more comfortable.We facilitate funerals all over the Portland area assisting families in staying close to their homes or the cemetery of their choice. We have also facilitated funerals in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and California.We have transported casketed and cremated human remains throughout the United States and several foreign countries.