Planning Checklist

Check out our planning checklist to create your unique funeral or memorial arrangements, but remember that you don’t need to make all these decisions right now. These decisions should be included in your Estate Planning along with Advance Directives, Current Will, Trust Documents, naming your Executor, reviewing and updating beneficiaries. Include your CPA for Tax Planning purposes.

Share your information with family members or if there is no family, use our Appointment to Make Disposition of Human Remains form in our Forms section.



Necessary Information for Death Certificates


Personal Information

  • Your full legal name
  • Birthplace and birth date
  • Your father’s name
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your social security number
  • Your level of education
  • Occupation and Industry
  • For veteran burial benefits, include spouse’s SS# and date of birth

Information for the Obituary



  • Family members including those who are deceased
  • Birth date and birthplace



  • Schools



  • Jobs



  • Fraternal organizations
  • Union memberships
  • Service organizations.
  • Any special recognitions


Military Service Information (Found on DD214)

  • Name(s) of war/conflict(s) toured
  • Serial number
  • Military service
  • Branch rank
  • Date of enlistment
  • Date of discharge


Funeral or Memorial Information

  • Date, time and location
  • If you wish, choose a charity for any donations

Getting Started

  • Decide if you want cremation or burial.
  • Note any specific instructions for your services and final disposition.
  • Organize personal information for your obituary.
  • If you wish, choose a charity for any donations.
  • Choose a funeral home that will meet your needs.

The Funeral or Memorial Service

  • What kind of service
    • Funeral (with body present)
    • Memorial (without casket present, but urn can be present)
    • Graveside Service with Memorial service to follow
    • Graveside Service only
    • Direct or Immediate Burial (no service or family present)
  • Choose a casket or cremation container.
  • Choose location for the service.
  • Make a note of any desired traditions or religious rituals.
  • Select the attire you want to be dressed in.
  • Select an overall theme for funeral stationery and any décor.
  • Choose floral arrangements.
  • Choose any specific hymns and songs you’d like included.
  • Pick photos and mementos for a memorial display.

Service Participants

  • Designate casket bearers.
  • Select a clergy member or celebrant for the service.
  • Pick friends or family members to give the eulogy or life sketch, read scripture, give a talk, remarks, or other readings.
  • If you wish, choose any musicians.

Final Disposition

  • Consider your family culture.
  • For casketed remains – choose a cemetery.
    What kind:
    • Large, park like grounds
    • Veteran’s National Cemetery for honorably discharged and their spouse
    • Smaller, rural setting
  • Select a burial plot or mausoleum.
  • Select a memorial or grave marker and inscription.
  • If Cremation is your choice, are the cremains being:
    • Buried – what cemetery (see cemetery choices).
    • Scattered – where and who will scatter.
    • Kept in an urn with family member. Decide who will keep your urn.

Other Important Information to Share with Family

Do they know where to find your important documents, such as Life insurance; Mortgage information; Title to your cars; for Veterans, your Honorable Discharge papers or DD214; Banking information (is there someone who is a signer on your account if you are not able to carry out financial matters); Passwords to your accounts; Safety deposit boxes (be aware that no one can access documents in your safety deposit unless they are signers at the bank).

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