We LOVE and HONOR our Veterans! We have arranged services for Veterans with no family or friends present and have seen to it that they receive Military Honors.

On multiple occasions, while serving a person classified as an “indigent” and with some research, we have found their family, their military documents, and arranged for internment with Military Honors!

We have created our own Veteran’s Passing Quilt with matching pillow case. We enter a home or facility where a Veteran has transitioned with a deep blue quilt on our cot, decorated with eagles carrying American flags in their talons.

As we exit, the reversible quilt displays hundreds of waving American flags. Family and staff stop and honor their loved one being transported with their Military Honors.

We have created a Veterans’ Burial Benefits brochure¬†with all the details on Veterans’ benefits, specifically burial benefits and how to replace key veteran discharge documents.